You and Your Bump - The Ultimate Xperience

A boudoir Maternity shoot will probably be the most personal and sensual time you will ever have.

Whilst your hormones are racing and your body changing every day, you might fear the camera, however you might like to know that every woman who has passed in front of our camera for a maternity shoot leaves empowered and feel sexy again.

Here are some tips to make your maternity shoot personal, amazing as well as sensual.

maternity and milk bath

1. White Lingerie

Light & bright is an essential part of our maternity boudoir series in the session. Remember to avoid everyday lingerie, instead choose items with texture and detail in either white or light colours.

Untitled photo
Untitled photo

2. Dark Lingerie

For our 50 shades dark and moody images black or dark colours work amazing. Depending on the type of lingerie you bring the items will help shape, sculpt & support the body. Again, texture like lacey lingerie is best.

3. The Maxi Dress

A gown or long dress will add some extra glamour to the shoot. For a fuller length portrait, a long gown will bring a real Hollywood or celebrity look to the session.

Untitled photo
Untitled photo

4. Tight Clothing

A tight dress or jumper is perfect to emphasis the body and baby bump. Even though you may feel that a tight dress is not flattering for you, with our specialised lighting it can look amazing in portraits

5. Props & Accessories

Don’t be afraid to bring a few unusual even fun personal items, as they can bring a unique element to the styling of the session. Native fabrics and veils as well as fun t-shirts will bring extra personalisation to the shoot.

Untitled photo
Untitled photo

6. Baby Props

To celebrate baby even before birth, bring their first booties, a baby scan photo, their first teddies and toys.

7. Implied

During the shoot you will start to reveal more and more skin as your confidence grows. With the implied part of the session the skill of showing less is always more revealing and sensual than you can imagine.

Untitled photo
Untitled photo

8. Nude

If you would like to shoot some implied or nude images during the session, we use creative light to extenuate the body lines as well as a softness to the light to give the body and skin a soft glow. We may have to take a break during the shoot to allow clothing marks to disappear. Maternity nudes seem to empower our clients.

9. Let’s get creative

Don’t be shy about sharing your ideas with us. Feel free to send us some images you like, which could help style your shoot. We offer a fully custom session by default so when client bring their own ideas to the party, a great time is had by all!

Untitled photo
Untitled photo

10. You and your partner

Encourage your partner to get involved with the shoot as this will again fully personalise your session. They like you might be a bit shy of showing some skin so make sure they read this guide as well.

11. Your Family

If you have children already you might like to involve them as well in some way, but make you have someone who can either bring them or take them away in case they get bored.

Untitled photo
Untitled photo

12. Partners Shirt

One of the most relaxed and iconic props used in film and TV is a partner’s white shirt, so we encourage you to bring something of theirs that you slip on to cover up, especially in the first part of the shoot.

13. Attention to Detail

Love your nails and all those details a couple of days prior to the session, especially if you suffer from irritation after shaving, so take care of any hair removal the day before. Avoid any skin marking from the likes of wrist bands and tight jewellery. Glam up your hair and don’t forget to manicure your nails, it all ads up to creating amazing portraits.

Untitled photo
Untitled photo

14. Create a Board (follow us on Pinterest)

Don’t for get to follow us on Pinterest and social media. To help us get fully up to speed with your tastes and style, share with us your ideas using the likes of a Pinterest board or by showing us some images you have found online.

15. Book Your Newborn Session

As we shoot you and your bump only weeks before the baby is due, don’t forget to book your Newborn session in with us as soon as possible, we like baby within 2 weeks after your due date if possible.

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