Xperience Duty of Care & Cleanliness

Xperience Duty of Care & Cleanliness

The Xperience Promise

This scheme was introduced to the Xperience Photographers to ensure a considerate & responsible level of cleanliness in the workplace and studios to show and assure clients that all efforts in cleaning are being applied, to help bring more confidence when in their business facility.

A new concentrated assurance, due to the Covid-19 Virus is essential in the workplace.

Proof that all realistic protection is always being given, when in the Studio, Reception, Gallery and Viewing room environment as well as on location & in clients homes.

In addition to normal procedures before the Covid-19 pandemic, a new fully explained document is used to show both clients and staff a step by step practice of care & cleanliness to comply with all local and government procedures.

All Studios will have and display:

Visible Document of Cleaning.

Hand Gel & Sanitizers available in all public areas.

Disposable Paper Towels in Washroom Facilities

A Documented Report & Log of the Daily & Weekly Cleaning.

Open Online Diary for Appointment Bookings

No Client Cross Over with extended cleaning times.

Pick Up or Dedicated Delivery

The Xperience Duty of Care & Cleanliness scheme is based on procedures of cleanliness and completion as outlined by each studio /photographer in the training document.

Even though this DCC scheme has no professional outside regulation it will be monitored by us, The Xperience Group.

The issue of this DCC certificate of care and cleanliness has no baring of acceptance of responsibility or liability by The Xperience Group in anyway, resulting from any claim or action based on this misuse of the scheme.

On the 1st Monday of each month, Xperience Studios / Photographers  are required to fill out a form of completion with procedures and actions.

Failure to comply will result in the removal of the certification and their business will be removed from this scheme immediately.

Please look out for their current Certificate of Training & The Duty of Care & Cleanliness Logo.

For full information on the Xperience Duty Of Care & Cleanliness being applied with your specific Xperience Photographer please contact them directly.

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