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Celebrate Your Photography

Get featured in our World Photography Day special e-Zine

2019 World Photography Day eZine will be available here on 25th August

The Xperience Group are proud to support and help promote World Photography Day each year.

We now produce our own special e-Zine to celebrate all photography and from around the world.

Remember this is all about the celebration of photography.

Simply click this LINK to upload a photograph from any of your smart devices.

After uploading an image, you will be shown the gallery and all the images uploaded to be featured  in the special ezine so far.

Make sure you upload your image before the deadline on 21st of August 2019.

PLEASE NOTE: that this must be a photograph that you have taken and not a professional image.

The Special Edition Ezine will be available to download here for Free on or after the 30th August 2019

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