Promise of Excellence - the Xperience

The Xperience Promise of Excellence Program Terms & Conditions

The Xperience Sticker identifies the finished product to be a part of the XPOE program and is covered under the guarantee.

If the XPOE Sticker is removed or tampered with the guarantee is void.

XPOE Certificate should be signed and dated by your Xperience Photographer and attached to the back of the portrait or if handed to you it should be kept safe to validate the guarantee.

The original digital file must be available and in good condition, for this guarantee to remain in effect.

Due Care and Diligence

• Your portraits should not be:

• Exposed to direct sunlight as this will fade or damage your portrait.

• Positioned above a radiator or hot surface as this could have an adverse effect on the materials.

• Stored or displayed in a cold damp room.

• The promise of excellence guaranteed is the responsibility of the original commissioned Xperience photographer.

• The Xperience Group holds no liability or responsibility to fulfilling the guarantee.

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