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Hand Finished by Craftsman in The UK

At The Xperience Group of Photographers we only offer a fully framed portrait service, this is to ensure that all our portraits are protected and presented in a perfect way for you.

During your portrait preview session we will show you how best to bring your portraits alive using custom framing and craftsman creativity.

All our production and hand finishing is done by photography specailist companies in the UK to ensure your portraits match our quality guidelines.

We have a wide range of wall presentation products to match any home or business, starting from as little as £95 and up to £3500 for our largest portrait presentation.

We offer a split payment and credit options to help you spread your portrait investment if needed.

Design, Style & Harmony

Add a modern style and let your portraits command centre stage with our impressive range of Contemporary Frames that are sure to captivate. Relaxed and effortlessly chic, our Lifestyle Frames combine natural style and subtle textures with a substantial array of mount options. At home or in the office, our Traditional Frames inject wide appeal that ensure they match your style. Channelling eclectic flair with distinct appeal, our vintage range creates the perfect piece of wall art that exudes an antique aura.

The Quintuple

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Our most popular portrait product with families, The Quintuple, is perfect for a feature wall or above a 3 seater sofa. The 5 portraits can of course be used as one installation, or they can be split up to feature around the room or home. The Quintuple comes in a variety of frame styles and sizes from £900 to £3500.

The Quad

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The Quad looks amazing whether hung as an installation or scattered over the wall or room. The biggest design is perfect above a 3 or 2 seater sofa or feature wall.

The Tripple

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If your looking for a simple statement in the room the Triple delivers a lustrous look and finish. The 3 portraits come in either a high gloss or matt finish and are edged by a stylish sleek frame finish to make them jump off the wall. They look amazing with our black and white face style images as well as creative family sessions. The Triple comes in a variety of frame styles and sizes from £350 to £3300.

Fine Art

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This unique contemporary framing of our portrait brings the true essence of fine art and framing in a perfect synergy. Using the finest photographic Art Papers for a stylised texture finish the portrait is mounted to float giving a multi-level presentation. The extra depth and dimension ensure the portrait presentation brings a true 3 dimensional depth and is available in either a torn edge or straight edge of art print. The Fine Art comes in sizes from 20 to 30 inches and prices start from £900 - £1900

3DX Custom Framing

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As a part of our special portrait presentation wall products, we offer the unique 3DX. The 3DX frame features floating images behind glass and can feature as many portraits as you want and as big as you want as long as it all fits into a layout designs. There are both sqaure portrait and recantangle design options starting from £900 to £3500

The Art Collection

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Big Art for Big Space, thats what out Art range is designed to do as its simple design fills any space.

Designed especially for the ultra minimilist home, whether the kids bedroom or the kitchen, this simple big art looks amazing. The Art Collection comes in a variety of sleek frame styles and sizes from £350 to £1500.

The Classic

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Our Classic presentation allows you to go completely bespoke. Any size, 300 frame designs in multiple finishes and colour styles. Different frame widths and depths will make more of a statement, especially with our gallery sizing. The Classic comes in a variety of frame styles and sizes from £175 to £3500.

The Bloc

Inter connected portraits, designed for maximum impact and minimise wall real estate. The modern design fits in with a a simple interior design with a sleek edge finish. Available in 3-9 portrait designs, the Bloc looks great in any of our portrait photography styles. The Bloc presentation ranges from £395 to £1220.

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We also offer a full range of designer albums and boxed portraits along with digital album aps & packages.

Digital files are available to purchase with and without framed products.

Desk portraits are available along with a variety of exclusive portrait products designed to suit any budget.

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Our Xperience Promise of Excellence (XPOE) scheme is adopted by all our Xperience photographers to ensure a perfect portrait & presentation.


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