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Dog of the Month Competition Terms & Conditions

The Xperience Group Dog of the Month Competition Terms and Conditions

The winners of the Xperience Group’s Dog of the Month Competitions are decided purely by the highest number of Likes or Loves on our monthly competition albums on our Facebook page.

There will be one winner announced each calendar month.

How to vote:

ENTRY OPEN FROM TUESDAY 25th FEBRUARY 2020 * rules ammended 03/02/2020

To vote, you need to ‘Like‘ or ‘Love‘ the image of your choice in the relevant Dog of the Month competition album found on our Xperience Group Facebook page. The Winning dog(s)* image will have the most combined ‘Likes’ and ‘Loves’. * rules ammended 26/06/2019

Alternative ‘reactions’ (‘Haha‘, ‘Wow‘, ‘Sad‘ and ‘Angry‘) will not count as a vote. You can only vote for an image once: Facebook will only allow individual accounts to ‘like’ or ‘love’ once per image.

‘Likes‘ or ‘Loves‘ will only be counted on the images that are in the competition album on the Xperience group’s Facebook page. ‘Likes‘ or ‘Loves‘ on images shared outside of the album will not be counted.

In the event of a tie, the winning image will be decided by an independent judge chosen by The Xperience Group.

Please read the Terms of Use for Dog of the Month’s Facebook page and rules on voting here.

Participation in the competition:

Choose one image from your Dog(s)* portrait session to enter into The Xperience Group’s Dog of the Month Competition, via your participating Xperience photographer. It will be up to your Xperience Photographer and the Xperience Group to submit and upload your chosen image to the Dog of the Month Facebook album for the public vote. * rules ammended 26/06/2019

Owners who choose to participate in the competition accept that their dog(s)* image can be viewed, voted for and commented on by the public on Facebook. * rules ammended 26/06/2019

Prior consent has been given from owners of the dog(s) featured in each monthly competition. All images submitted into Dog of the Month have been professionally photographed by a current member of the Xperience Group, that have actively agreed to participate in this competition. * rules ammended 26/06/2019

The winning entry from each month: Owners have given their consent for the images to be used in any relevant media content created by the Xperience Group. This includes marketing, packaging, advertising, website and social media. This can also include raising awareness on social media for this competition.

The Xperience Dog of the Month Competition is not associated with any other competition. The promotion of other competitions on the Dog of the Month Facebook page is prohibited.

Competition prizes and notification

There will be one winner announced each calendar month. The monthly prize for the winning image is £100 cash and will be presented by your Xperience photographer.

* rules ammended 03/02/2020

In the event of circumstances arising outside of our control, The Xperience Group of Photographers reserve the right, to cancel or change the competition at any stage.

The decisions of The Xperience Group are final, and no correspondence will be entered into.

The competition is not open to employees, contractors or members of The Xperience Group.

The Xperience group’s Dog of the Month photography competition is administered by The Xperience Group.

* rules ammended 26/06/2019 - The amended rules allow multiple dogs to be featured in the photographs from the July 2019 competition entry.

* rules ammended 03/02/2020 - relaunch of the entry date for the competition 25th  February 2020, and the monthly cash prize changed to £100

* Rules Amended 10/07/2020 - Relaunch entry after Covid-19 Lockdown.  Voting starts for September 2020 Entry.

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