The Xperience Group advice to our Professional Photographers & their employees and clients

Safe operation protocols following the Covid-19 Virus

As professional photographers working in our community it is essential for us to help and minimise the spread of any infection. Even though we have always operated a clean studio working policy we have introduced some new working protocols to meet government guidelines as well as common sense initiatives to protect us & you.

Like all small business we have been hit by this pandemic lockdown and are eager to get back to work, but we can only do that safely with your cooperation, which includes temperature testing on arrival, a no touch protocol and sanitization on arrival.

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Social Distancing

Where possible we will conform with government guidelines on social distancing, our pre session chat will involve talking through the session and what is involved so you can be nice and relaxed in the way we work

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Sanitisation Stations

Please not there are sanitisation stations throughout the studio including on Entry/Exit as well as inside studios as well as some public areas

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Feeling Unwell

Please if you are feeling unwell do not come to the studio for your session. Let us know as soon as possible so we can try and reschedule an appointment for you

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Extended Session Diary

We have extended the gap between each session to ensure and limit any client cross over as well as to allow extra time for our post session cleaning

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Washing Hands

Obviously, we ask all our clients to thoroughly wash their hands after using our facilities in accordance with government guidelines

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Changing Facilities

All our changing facilities, including baby changing stations will be cleaned between shoots

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Contactless Payment

At this time we would like to ask all clients to pay by credit card or our interest free options as we would prefer to not take cash if possible


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Rest Rooms

All our rest rooms will be cleaned following any usage by clients and staff

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Temperature Check

Many of our studios, especially those who specialise in maternity & baby will ask to take your temperature on arrival as well as take their own, to ensure a safe place and working confidence

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Studio Cleaning Log

In conjunction with our Duty of Care & Cleanliness protocol we will have a visible cleaning log to show all our customers our commitment to the safe space.

Personal Protection Equipment

Our key PPE protection is through temperature monitoring & sanitization gel on arrival, for both you and us. We would prefer to work without PPE, like masks and gloves, most of the time, but at your request or for specific reasons or government guidelines, we will of course do so.


All our studio team will follow our studio protocols on sensitisation, cleaning and self-distancing. Each day they will have their temperature taken, including every time they enter the building and in front of clients they are involved with. Until further notice there will be designated washroom facilities for clients and Employees. Sanitisation, Hand Washing, Sneeze Etiquette and health monitoring will all follow our studio protocol.

Social Distancing

We have rearranged our diary to ensure no crossover and are working to a strict “By Appointment Only” rule as well as ensuring our contact is minimised with the social distancing. As we say “2 meters don’t mean we don’t love you” in fact by respecting the 2-meter guideline as well as our no touch policy, the session will follow and still feel like a great experience. We will follow guidelines on grouping and numbers at all time and adjust to the numbers in a session allowed. When shooting on location we will only be photographing one family at a time, with an extended time slot to allow for appropriate client & studio employee/s sanitisation protocol.

Temperature checks & 3 little questions

AS we photograph the different vulnerable age groups, we take an infrared temperature check on arrival of everyone, including ourselves. We ask the main contact of a group with mixed families, especially those with very young children make this procedure into more of a game, we may refer to it being a “Happy Meter” Any subject who has a temperature of 37.8 or above, the session will need to be rescheduled.

On arrival we will ask 3 simple questions:

1. How is everyone feeling?

2. Has anyone had a cough or any flu-like or Covid symptoms in the last 14 days.

3. Have you been around anyone exhibiting these symptoms within the last 14 days, including a visit to hospital?

Sanitation Protocol

Prior to all sessions our sanitisation and cleaning protocol as a minimum include: Hand Gel & Temperature Check on Arrival Designated secure coat and baggage area. Washing hands regularly before and after any session Cleaning of all client areas and furniture, including client toilet facilities, door handles & counter tops. Post Session cleaning of studio props that clients might come in contact with.

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