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Welcome to our interactive page with lots of things to download.

Designed for you and your family, its an example to show how The Xperience Group are not all about photography. We want to help stimulate creativity, nurture talent by giving you some of our ideas and support to help that creativity and interaction at home for you, your family, your kids not forgetting your pets. 

Everything from ideas to make your kids busy at home , teaching them photography with your smart device, mindfulness activity colouring plus lots of apps like, Me & My Bump plus our own dressing for success, tips and how to maximise your shoot getting ready for your session.

Don't Forget to checkout our  "Make Your House A Home" product guide to give you ideas on how photography can feature in your own home.

14 Awesome Things - Children

A fun App for all parents and grandparents to keep the kids busy when they are driving you mad in the house.

Simply click here to download the App to your smart device.

Remember to add it to your home screen to have instant access.

14 Awesome Things To Do At Home - Click Here To Get App

14 Awesome Things - Dog

Our canine best friends get bored just like us, so why not give them some new things to interact with in the house.

From Teaching them new ricks to make your own dog treats.

14 Things to do with your dog at home - Click Here To Get App

Teach Your Kids Photography

Designed to stimulate your kids from just taking a million selfies, this app will give you step by step ideas to change they way they view the world.

Plus simple project ideas to get them thinking and creating.

Don't forget to share you images with us on our Facebook page.

Teach Your Kids Photography - Click Here To Get App

Dog Park

Colouring Competition

Download our colour pages to have fun at home, plus if you want to enter our colouring monthly competition you can.

Simply click the image to go to the download gallery.

Click Here to go to download gallery

Me & My Bump

Create an amazing series of images of your self and your bump.

if you can't book a session with one of our specialist maternity, baby or family photographers, then make sure you shoot your own pictures.

This is an amazing time in your life, so do not forget to document it. Use our series of ideas and images to create an amazing series to celebrate you and your baby bump.

Coming Soon

Maternity At Home 

Getting ready for the big day and ideas to keep you busy

Download Expectant Mums Things To Do At Home App - Click Here 

Dress For Success

Download this great app to give you all the advice on getting ready for your portrait session with us.

Download The Dressing For Success App - Click Here

Beyond The Selfie - Prom Pic

Some great advice for all those having a prom or party photoshoot.

Even if your having a virtual prom or party use these ideas to make you look super glam in your own portraits.

Click here to Download The Beyond The Selfie App

7 Day Photo Challenge

Take part in your own 7 day photo challenge.

This fun activity is designed to stimulate your own creative photography talents. Don't forget to get the kids involved, even your pets.

Day 1 -  Reflections

Day 2 - Colour

Day 3 - Lines

Day 4 - Up Not Down

Day 5 - Water

Day 6 - Light

Day 7 - Silhouette

Don't forget to tag us #thexperiencegroup 

Teach Your Kids Gardening

A 10 step simple app to help your kids get involved in the garden

Download The Teach Your Kids Gardening App - Click Here



Mindfulness Activity Pack

Take your mind to a new place with these creative colouring sheets for adults and the artistic.

Click Here

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